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3 Steps you can take to further the Kingdom

January 22, 2016 | Thy Kingdom Come | no comments

How can you use your creative gift to further the Kingdom of God?

  1. Know your creative gifts.  Experiment and play with all types of creativity – musical, visual, technical, photographic… whatever things tickle your fancy….  and then practice and focus on those things so that you build toward excellence in them.
  2. Find an issue.  Examine your heart and listen to God through prayer and His Word.  Let him establish within you the issues of mankind that most touch you; that you would prioritise as a change that you would most want to see in our society.  It may be abortion, homelessness, bad debt, elder abuse, Islamic terror, littering, domestic violence, atheism, obesity, disease, literacy and numeracy, suicide, bullying… whatever it is that means that your community is not enjoying Kingdom living.
  3. Marry the two.  Let God show you how you can use your creative gift to attack that issue and to minister to people who are caught in that problem.  Usually there are a number of people who are working to improve the situation of that area of concern.  Seriously consider joining them and offering your gift.  Additionally, let the theme of that issue come through in your creative exploits as you live your life.

It amazing how useful and powerful your area of creativity can be.  Small, tired committees who have been fighting an issue for many years, with not enough money to hire professional artisans, will welcome you with open arms.  You’re a photographer?  They need somebody to record and publish their work in a newsletter.  Are you into graphic design?  They need somebody to design their new billboard.  Are you a singer?  They need an item at their fund-raising concert.  Are you a sculptor?  They have just got Council’s interest in creating a sculpture that will raise awareness in a very public parkland. Who knows how you might be needed?


Take these three steps and you’ll be amazed how God uses you and the creative gift that He has planted in you.

Ever changing; Thy Kingdom come


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