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Are you ploughing your field?

You have a creative talent that you’re meant to use.

You have a calling that is uniquely yours.

So you step out and give it a go – but don’t see any results.

Don’t be discouraged.  At the beginning of stepping out, what you are doing is ploughing your field – working it up, preparing it so that at the right time, you will see a harvest.  No farmer ploughs the soil, watching behind his tractor expecting to see his crop ready for harvest (unless maybe he is harvesting earthworms.)  And the bigger the crop, the more time he has to spend ploughing.

Keep stepping out, using your gift, training yourself, disciplining your discipline, listening to God for guidance and the next step.




Ever changing: Thy Kingdom come


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  1. admin says: July 29, 2015

    Just as a note here: the guy at the lead of the horse is my great-grandfather. The girl is my great aunt, the boy wearing the hat is my great aunt and the boy on top of the load waving his hat is my grandfather.

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