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Changing Society

frontlineYou constantly see current affairs television programs targeting those who are making a negative impact on society.  Through their time interviewing and working with these people, their main goal seems to be to grab a story that will get ratings.  The producer’s take on the story is ‘gospel.’  The whole truth is optional.

Even with that faulty motivation, these stories can make a positive impact on a society’s culture.  With moral indignation they ironically call for justice, for peace, for truth…

Imagine with me for a moment, that Christian creatives (that’s all of us) took on the characters of these stories with grace and love and forgiveness while still seeking justice and truth.  What if our take on the story was actually the gospel?

mosesThe murderer whose soul is touched by your rap song  just might be a Moses who will go on to lead God’s people.  The adulterer whose heart is softened by your short film just might be a King David who will go on to lead a nation in worship.  The crooked law-maker who is impacted by the photographs you publish, just may be the Paul whose will go on to pen some of the most influential writing in human history.  How much stronger would it be to facilitate their redemption rather than to bring them national shame?

Christianity is counter cultural but it is also growing in strength.  If we stand united, focusing our creative talents in the direction and in the way that we hear the Spirit guiding, then we make the way for God to move.

Ever changing; His Kingdom come.


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