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Dami Changes Culture

April 30, 2014 | Uncategorized | no comments

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Recently I had the opportunity to ask Dami Im, winner of the 2013 Australian season of X Factor, whether being on the show had required her to compromise her faith.

She was very clear that her intention was fully geared toward not compromising, even if that meant leaving the show.

In preparing for the second week of the live shows, Dami was required to do an immoral Lady Ga Ga song.  The sets had been made, the scores written, the producers were moving forward.  When Dami was told that this particular song was to be the one she was going to perform, she refused, citing her faith and personal standards and beliefs.  This was particularly difficult for her given that she liked everybody there so much and knew that they would have already done a lot of work in preparation.  While the decision was hard, it wasn’t difficult.  Dami stood gracious but firm.

God had gone before her.  The ratings of the previous week had soared and the producer’s research indicated that this was because of Dami.  They chose to do what was right and gave her a new song.

What happened next is what I’m really interested in.  Dami told me that other contestants then were emboldened by her stand and also graciously declined material that they felt was inappropriate.  Through the sweetness of her courage, Dami changed the culture of the show, an high rating show which influences the way millions of people think.

Oh that we might all take uncomfortable stands and use our gifts for the furtherance of the Kingdom.

Ever changing; Thy Kingdom come.


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