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Diversity within the body

DivisionWe know that the body has many parts and each performs its own function.  (1 Corinthians 12)  Just like our whole body is designed to acquire, ingest and digest food – from running after the prey to carrying it home, to cooking it, to taking it into the body, to processing it within the body –  every part of the body of Christ is designed to worship.   Just as the feet run after the prey,  the hands catch it and cook it, the mouth ingests it and so on, each part of the body has a different expression of worship.  It is tremendously sad that one part of the body resents or condescends toward another part of the body regarding their functions of worship.

One aspect of our worship is expressed through the Arts.  It is up to each part of the body, every cell in fact, to respond to and adore the Creator in the way most suitable to the way they have been gifted.  God loves variety.  He gave each of us a different fingerprint, a different pattern in our iris, unique designs within our exclusive DNA.  Diversity of worship is indeed divine.  Hating on somebody because their expression of worship is different to yours fits with the culture of the world, but not with the culture of the Kingdom.

Ever changing; Thy Kingdom come


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