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Do Something Right Now!

June 10, 2014 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

do something

Matthew West

It’s time for you to do something.

Sure, you can read and think about things that you should do or that you would like to do.  You’d like to start a YouTube blog.  You’d like to make a gift for your elderly neighbour.  You’d like to get a group practiced up to do a Flash mob in a shopping centre.  You’d like to make a 5 minute funny film for Facebook.  Whatever it is that God has put on your heart, now is the time.

If you wait for the perfect moment, chances are it will never happen and it will die with all the other good ideas that were planted in your soul.  Before you go to bed tonight, use the creative spirit that was birthed when you were made in God’s image.  Put that into action to further the Kingdom – and maybe let me know in the comments below what you did so that I can rejoice with you!

Before you go, please just have a quick listen to Matthew West’ song and let it inspire you.

Ever changing; Thy Kingdom come



Update:  Check out the background of Matthew West’s ‘Do Something.’  This is another great example of how the Arts can be used to powerfully motivate people to usher in the Kingdom.

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  1. Wendy May says: June 10, 2014

    Decided to “do something” today – spent a double period a school today talking to my Year 5s about how the Arts is a powerful tool for shaping culture. They were very aware of the negative effects of music, visual arts, movies, computer games and fashion and spoke with insight and wisdom. My aim is to inspire them to see that they have the potential to be the shapers of the world in their generation, rather than the shaped, by what they choose as consumers and what they do with their lives, especially in the area of the Arts. If they choose now, as ten year olds, to do everything to the glory of God they are much more likely to hold to those firm decisions when the stresses and temptations of adolescent culture pulls at their heartstrings. Why not be the musician rather than the instrument that is played by someone else?

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