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Faith Without Works. Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Gaza, Ukraine…

I have heard Christians say that we shouldn’t be concerned about the horror that grips our world from the severe clashes of culture.    Some feel that the current massacres undertaken by terrorist organisations right now such as ISIS/ISIL and also HAMAS, are not something that we need to be concerning ourselves with, other than in prayer.  Their reasoning seems to  be that God is in control and we just need to pray in faith.

The truth is, that God is in control, but he also gives every human on the planet a free will to do whatever abhorrent activity they wish. So yes, we absolutely and definitely need to pray and look to God for miraculous answers, but we must also recognise that we are the feet and hands of Jesus. There are a number of ways that every one of us, without exception, need to be showing our faith by our deeds.

Number one is prayer.

Number two is awareness. Be aware of what is going on and use your online and community presence to raise awareness in others more widely.

Number three is to contact politicians to pressure them into acting. Such action should include raising the number of humanitarian refugees we take into Australia as well as working with other nations to bring terrorist organisations under control.

Finally, join the campaigns of organisations such as giving to the Nineveh appeal at The Bible Society, pray intelligently from the information at Open Doors and sign the petition put out by the Australian Christian Lobby.  Support organisations such as these in any way that you can. Usher in a Kingdom culture that leads to life in abundance rather than death, torture, persecution and oppression.

Ever changing: Thy Kingdom come


faith without deeds

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