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FIRE! Winning the War?

There’s no secret that we’re fighting a culture war.

In one corner, the culture of the world stands ready to beat up anybody who challenges its right to kill unborn children, to vilify those who stand up for real marriage and family values and ridicule those who would want to walk a life of worship, prayer and sanctification.  In the other corner are the true Christians, ready to be beat up, vilified and ridiculed.

But look at it this way.  Recently I attended a Colours of Hope painting workshop.  One of the pieces that I created that day was a painting of fire.   I questioned myself, if I was aiming to produce a painting that portrayed hope, what on earth was I doing painting fire.  My initial thoughts of fire are ones of destruction, bushfire, even hellfire.

One of my paintings entitled, 'Fire'

One of my paintings entitled, ‘The Fire of Hope’

But then I felt the witness of the Spirit that this was not that. We cook on fire to feed our bodies.  It provides the warmth that we need in the cold.  It is used to produce the power that is crucial to our everyday lives.  Some seeds need to be exposed to fire before they can germinate.  Phrases of songs came to me:  Burn away the darkness…  His fire never sleeps…   Since that time, thoughts regarding fire have settled on me.  Fire brings light to a dark situation, in doing so sometimes also exposes danger.  Isaiah 4:4, Luke 3:16-17 and Acts 2:3-4 all speak of the Holy Spirit as fire, purging, judging, empowering.

It was when I thought how He is known as a fire that purifies as gold that I realised how much gold I’d actually used in my painting.

So fire is good, depending on your perspective.

As for this culture war that we face, there are times where it looks like the fire that we are up against is bad.  In those times my painting of hope will encourage me.  Sometimes the fire we face is exposing darkness, purifying a situation or burning away that which shouldn’t be attached to us.

When all  you can see in front of you are the fires of hell flaming at you, cognitively restructure your perspective until all you can see in front of you is the passion of the fire of the Spirit consuming you.  Fight fire with fire.

Ever changing:  Thy Kingdom come.




PS. Click on the image if you want to see the painting in more detail.

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