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Give up on your Dreams. Instead find your calling.

Don’t be that guy.

the-x-factor-auditions-jordyn-foleyOur post modern humanistic society that gives trophies for participation, continually tells us to not give up on our dream; You can be anything you want to be!  This is a lie that can harm us.

If you want some inspiration as to why what I’m saying is correct, check out this video of X Factor contestants that didn’t quite make it.

“As long as I believe in myself, that’s all that really matters…” they say.

If God didn’t equip you for that dream, maybe he didn’t give you the dream.  Maybe achieving that dream could hurt you…  God gives us unique gifts and talents and a unique purpose that they are to fulfil.  While we’re chasing the dream of flying a unicorn over a rainbow, the Kingdom is suffering because you’re not at your post fulfilling your call with passion and life.

God gives everybody creative gifts – but he doesn’t give all types of creative gifts to everybody.  Think about a body.  I can imagine that a big toe might dream of actually being an thumb.  From the toe’s perspective, the thumb has a higher calling, literally.  The thumb is indispensable.  All the fingers rely on that opposable digit to ensure the body is able to function.  The big toe needs to realise though, that it has been uniquely set aside for that job.  Without a big toe, the whole body lacks balance and who knows that balance is crucial for a body to properly function!  So instead of letting the world put its dream inside you, wouldn’t it be better to instead, with humility seek the unique call that God has placed on your life and get excited about that?

me-myself-bob_featuredI’m reminded of Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales.  He had a dream which was to basically build a Christian version of Pixar or Disney.  The Veggie Tales empire grew immediately with a continual stream of new videos that encouraged children to be nice, to love their neighbour, to not be frightened, to do their best, while carrying several levels of humour so that parents were also entertained.  He grew too fast, made some business mistakes and ended up losing the whole thing in a traumatic fashion.  In fact he didn’t just lose it, he was prevented by law from doing any more animation and he had to completely let go of the characters like Bob the Tomato and Larry the cucumber that he had created and loved, as they now legally belonged to somebody else.

phil-vischerWhat Phil came to realise was that his dream had become his idol.  He also came to see just how shallow it was to be teaching kids just the same stuff that humanists are teaching.  He realised he could do better, but he didn’t get himself a new ‘dream.’  Instead, he had a whiteboard of ‘good ideas.’  He said that it was easier to let go of an idea at any point rather than to let go of a dream.  Now he has created the “What’s in the Bible” series which introduces children to exegesis, apologetics, understanding of the underlying themes and doctrines of the Bible and redemption, all in a way that young children can understand.  It’s an excellent series with real depth, while still carrying that high entertainment value that Phil is known for.

If your dream has become your idol, maybe God is telling you to let go of it.    Maybe He wants to reshape it and then give it back to you.  Maybe God has something better for you.  Your post in the Kingdom is waiting.

Ever changing: Thy Kingdom come.





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