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And now here’s the good GOOD NEWS!

January 22, 2016 | Thy Kingdom Come | no comments

There are many battles that we fight on many fronts, but let us never forget that even in the darkest hours, the Kingdom continues to advance.

All around us there is flood, famine, drought, disaster, terror, tax, debt and dishonour.  Many say that this is a sign that the end is near and we should  give up and just watch for Jesus.

Instead, let us remember and thank God for the march forward of the Kingdom and commit ourselves to being a part of it.

For the 43rd year in a row, the rate of children under the age of 5 dying has plunged.  About 19,000 less children died per day in 2015 than did in 1990.

91% of people on planet Earth now have access to clean drinking water.  In 1990 that was 76%.

Twenty-five years ago, about 25% of the world’s population went hungry.  Now it’s less than 13%.

It’s not just diseases like smallpox that have become eradicated from the planet, polio is about to disappear as well.  A few hundred cases in Afghanistan and Pakistan were treated in 2015, the only ones in the world.  It’s about to become a thing of the past.  It’s not that long ago since hundreds of thousands of children were effected with thousands being paralysed each day.

Malaria is a merciless killer, especially in developing nations.  Many millions of people who would have died from this years ago, are alive and well to begin 2016.

The fight against AIDS has turned a corner and the number of deaths fell again in 2015 for the 15th year in a row.

Over the last five years, hundreds of millions of people have been able to start businesses, save money and invest in education where they haven’t been able to before, because they now have access to financial services.

We’re closer to ending extreme poverty because about 2 billion people in developing countries now have internet access.  Being connected means learning to read and write and millions of new free enterprise jobs.

Extreme poverty fell to under 10% of the population for the first time and projections are that it will be wiped out by 2030.

In the last 15 years, the literacy rate has doubled.

There are 2.2 billion Christians in the world, by far the largest religion.  At the current rate of growth of Christianity, there will be 3 billion Christians by 2050.  With the large number of Muslims turning to Christ (it’s believed more than 10 million in 2015) and with the amazing moves of the Holy Spirit through the nations, in reality we can expect that to be much higher.  Left wing political commentators and blind statistics gathered by the ethnocentric US group, Pew, like to say that Islam is the fastest growing religion, but there is plenty of data that would indicate that Pentecostalism is the fastest growing religion world-wide.  In the past ten years, there has been a 600% growth of evangelical Christians in Vietnam, for example.  Over the last 60 years in Nigeria, the church has grown by about 30%.  The Anglican church in Africa is ordaining missionaries to convert the West back to true Christianity.  Nobody knows exactly how much the church in China has grown, but it’s certain that the number is at least in the several tens of millions.   There has also been astounding growth in nations such as Indonesia and Iran.  Extrapolations from blind statistics as gathered by groups such as Pew often don’t give the true picture.  For example, in the past people who never go to church  might identify as ‘Christian’ only because their grandparents did.  So if they are now to identify as having no religion, nothing has really changed.  Additionally, in nations like Indonesia, it can be expensive and socially problematic to officially identify as being Christian after you convert from Islam, so many don’t bother.  This means that the official statistics are skewed and ignore the explosive growth of Christianity in non-Western areas.  There are numbers of pentecostal churches in Indonesia that have tens of thousands of members.

Vier verschiedene Frauen halten eine WeltkugelThere is no denying that the Kingdom of God continues to advance and change the world at an astounding rate.

There will come a time when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

The King is preparing his bride.

What is your role in this?


Ever changing: Thy Kingdom come


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