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How to get increase in difficult circumstances

February 3, 2016 | Thy Kingdom Come | no comments

One of the most powerful ways to further the Kingdom is to lovingly care for the most vulnerable members of society:  the elderly, the addicted, the poor, the ill, the disabled, the single parent, the broken-hearted…  As Christians, we need to be pouring love and hard work into situations of need and this takes a lot of grace and a big heart – but it also takes resources: meals, cash, clothing, transport, medicine, doctors…  When we feel like we are in lack ourselves, how do we obtain this resources?

2000px-Levant_830.svgI believe that a big part of the answer to that is in 2 Kings 3.  Here we see the people of Israel, Judah and Edom all out in the desert out doing what God had called them to do, but they’ve run out of water.  Not knowing what to do, they call for the prophet.  Interestingly, he calls for a musician.  This is another example of how music is used to bring an anointing and the atmosphere that comes from an open Heaven.  It’s the message given in prophecy that I’m most wanting to encourage you in though.  The Kings of the three nations are told that the valley would be full of water, more than they needed and sure enough, the following morning, about the time to make the sacrifice, there came the water, flowing from Edom.  Nobody really knows if that flow of water was from an artisian basin or from a downpour so far away that there was no evidence there of it, but the point is, God had the resources that they needed all stored up and he gave it to them so that they could finish doing the job that God had given them to do, once they had asked, and they went on to success in their tasks.

So here is how I see it.  God has a wealth of resources, more than we need, stored and ready to use to accomplish His will.  If we set out on the journey of doing what He’s asked us to do using what resources we already have, when we need them, the resources will be released to us in abundance when we inquire of them, even possibly somewhat desperately.

What task has God called you to do to further His Kingdom?  What creative gift has He given you that you are meant to be using as a resource to accomplish God’s will?  What resources do you not have that you need?  Let me encourage you with this:  God wants you to have success in fulfilling your call even more than you do.  Ask Him.  He’ll give you what you need.

Ever changing; Thy Kingdom come



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