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Time for a New Revolution

Antique-Silver-Georgian-Tankard-Hallmarked-London-1766-220911-1My great, great, great grandfather was an artist.  As a silversmith, he created items of both utility and beauty.  He spent his days creating.

He took his grandson, my great grandfather and his namesake, into his family business as an apprentice.  Although the grandson grew in skill and created beautiful work, it wasn’t enough.  The industrial revolution had arrived and so much of the creating that they performed could now be done faster and more efficiently using machinery.  With the arrival of the nineteen twenties, now a man, the grandson packed up his family and moved to Australia in the hope of beginning a family farm, an idea that he realised.  Together with his sons, Archie and John, they found a new way of being creative and connected to nature from their hard work.



The industrial revolution took its toll, not just on creatives, but on culture.  Along with the blessings of mass production came curses for creativity and individualism.  Compliance and conformity became virtuous well above uniqueness and imagination.  The world became one where information became right and day dreaming became wrong.  In your cubicle or on the assembly line, the world of working creatively from your home business was forgotten as we gave up our identity for standardisation.

Henry Ford, the father of the assembly line, was famous for saying that his customers could have any colour they wanted, as long as it was black.  All our life, that’s what we’re taught.  Colour inside the lines.  The sun is yellow and the water is blue.

The industrial revolution drastically changed our culture.  Now it’s time for a Creationist Revolution to push and guide our culture into the Kingdom.   Through the Arts, through our commitment to working hard and creatively to express the glory of God and the greatness of His Kingdom, we can present a message of hope and life and truth.  You are a part of this revolution.  Your uniqueness is needed as a part of the full montage.  Start your part in the Creationist Revolution today.

Ever changing; Thy Kingdom come.


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