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Subcreator reflection of the Creator

We are made in the image of our Creator.  We are subcreators.  I grew up immersed in an environment where various members of my family would create one form or another of visual arts that reflected the Creator’s creation.  So many of my family created using textiles or paint or charcoal or film to express their view of the beauty of creation.  One of these was my Great Aunt Mary.  I will attend her graveside service on Saturday.

Born in Rochford in England in October 1914, youngest child to Charles and Nellie May, and sister to Archie and John, Mary emigrated to Australia while still a young child.  For the entirety of her life, she held vivid memories of that journey.

Mary was highly intelligent and although not receiving a formal tertiary education, was quickly recognised for her skills in various settings, and worked as an unqualified teacher, looking after a one teacher school during the 2nd world war.  She was so fond of her Aunty Connie and Aunty Elsie back in England that she returned there for some years and worked in a London hospital.

Mary returned to Australia and through the 1950s and 60s worked in administration in Moorabin town council in Victoria.  It was in the 1960s that she met the love of her life and married John Douglas Croker, known as Doug.  They met through a photography club, Mary being an award winning amateur photographer.  They spent many very happy years together until Doug passed away.  It was with enthusiasm that Mary spoke of being reunited with Doug when she would go to join him.

Strong families mean a strong culture.

The last photo taken of Mary Croker, surrounded by family.

Mary was gifted with her hands, with knitting, painting, tapestry and other crafts keeping her busy.  She loved to read historical novels that would translate her into the distant past, and was proud of the family’s strong French Huguenot ancestry.  She was also passionate about nature and particularly animals, everything from cats to birds to frogs, and her pet plastic spider gave more than one person quite a start.  Mary also studied anthropology, and was particularly fascinated by the SBS program, Global village.

Throughout her life, she held a strong faith in God, trusting Jesus as the one who would be her salvation, having paid the price for her sin.  Like her brother, Archie, she was vitally interested in eschatology as well as studying church history from alternative sources such as the works of Josephus.

In her later years, Mary became increasingly private.  She watched her husband pass through such a difficult time of illness and then so many of her friends and family passed away as she outlived them all.  Mary became reluctant to make new friends, having already suffered through the loss of so many.  She found life to be increasingly lonely which meant she enjoyed the phone calls and visits from friends and family all the more.  Nothing though could take away how much she missed her husband.  At the end of March, 2014, at the age of 99 years and five months, she joined him.

Now, Mary Croker is home.  Here on earth, her old body is buried with the love of her life.  Now, with a new perfect body, she has answers to all her questions and now she knows perfect peace, joy and love.  Our loss is Heaven’s gain.  I can’t help but wonder what she is creating these days.

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  1. Wendy May says: June 8, 2014

    A great lady who loved and celebrated through the Arts what she saw in God’s creation around her.

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