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The Universal Tool: The International Language


It was with great interest and enthusiasm that I listened to Vision Radio‘s Morning Cafe with Karen a few days ago.

She was speaking to an interesting guest from Kings church on the Gold Coast who was explaining the upcoming worship festival, Kingdom14.  While they were chatting, it became very clear to me that God is not just speaking to me about this, but to many.  This spurs me on to believe more than ever that this is a Kingdom agenda that is a priority for God.  Check out what Karen said:


Our Father who is in Heaven, holy be your name! Your KINGDOM come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven…
For YOURS IS THE KINGDOM, the power, & the glory! FOREVER & ever! AMEN!

There’s a new era dawning on the Earth!
I believe we are entering into the days of great harvest!
I believe it’s the music, arts & media that will be a vehicle, a universal tool, the international language, to draw in the people, FIRST of all!
I believe it will be a passion for SOULS, in the hearts of His people, that will help Him accomplish this!
I believe we need to know & use our God-given gifts & talents to call in His glory, call in the KINGDOM of God! 

We are all called to arise, to stir the passions, & ARISE!”

Ever changing: Thy Kingdom come.


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