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We Need A Hero! Will you be that hero?

August 29, 2014 | Uncategorized | no comments

hamas-children_1594729iTo the Muslim, Jihad is supposed to be a ‘holy war’ both internally and throughout society.  Internally it is the effort for one to live out the Muslim life as accurately as possible.  As a society, it is the struggle to defend and build Islam, with force wherever that is necessary.  Your approval and chances of success are based on your striving.  The ultimate is to die for the cause.

We are seeing this ideology worked out to its fullest extent currently in the Middle East.  The rape of little girls, the crucifixion of young boys, the beheadings, the mass murders are all designed to bring glory to allah.  We are also seeing the perpetrators promising to bring the same Jihad to the US, the UK, Australia, and indeed the world.   This process has already begun with strategic immigration, the introduction of Sharia law by stealth, such as with Halal certification and the media’s preaching of tolerance to the apathetic and uninformed.

Certainly, we all have something to look forward to.

And yet, Australia is already under the grip of a terrible Jihad.  The talons of the enemies of Australia are already entrenched in the very fabric of our political, judicial and economic systems.  They have a stranglehold over large sections of the media and use it to promote spin and propaganda.  Although they are in the minority, they scream their demands so long and loud that it would seem they cannot be ignored.protestor

Who are these enemies of Australia that have declared Jihad against us?   They are the socialist culture warriors who seek to destroy morality, the economy, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, mining, property rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, unborn children, marriage and much more.  They shriek their complaint against all that is good and yet find no fault, nothing to protest, in the actions of the Islamic State.   We need a hero who will stand against these treasonous villains.  Will that hero be one of our leading politicians, a Christian, a Catholic lawyer and minister of the current government?  You would think that very few would be better placed to lead us in this battle.  I once thought that somebody like Kevin Andrews MP was our man.

But today I’m shattered.  Because of the relentless bullying by these enemies of Australia, it would seem Mr Andrews has become weak.  Today, he was supposed to be giving the opening address at the World Family Congress in Melbourne.  Other prominent politicans such as Bernie Finn were also meant to be addressing the group.  The day before, because of the pressure of extreme left-wing lobby groups, they have declined.  Mr Andrews official excuse was that Catch the Fire ministries was one of the sponsoring organisations.  In fact, here is a list of the sponsoring organisations, some of which I belong to:

Endeavour Forum Inc. – WCF Partner
Fatherhood Foundation, Dads 4 Kids – WCF Partner
Latin American Alliance for the Family – WCF Partner
Bruderhof – WCF Partner
The Howard Centre, Rockford, USA – WCF Partner
Family Council of Victoria
Focus on the Family
Family Life International
Helpers of God’s Precious Infants
Life Network Australia
Christian Democrat Party
Australian Christians
Catholic Women’s League of Victoria & Wagga Wagga
Catholic Women’s League of Australia
WCTU Drug Free Lifestyles
Right to Life Australia
Memucan Institute Defending Traditional Masculinity
Salt Shakers
National Alliance of Christian Leaders
Cherish Life, Queensland
Friends of Call of Guadalupe
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Euthanasia? No! (A.C.T.)
Drug Advisory Council of Australia
Catch the Fire Ministries
Connor Court Publishing Pty. Ltd.
Right to Life Association (NSW) Inc
Patron: Dr Joe Santamaria OAM


Kevin Andrews

Mr Andrews says that the reason he can no longer attend is because Catch the Fire ministries are involved and he can’t tolerate how intolerant they are.  So who are these terrible people whose reputations are so bad that Mr Andrews couldn’t possible be seen to have any association with them?  Many of us know them as the two Dannys.  National president of this ministry, Daniel Nalliah, is known for speaking out against Islamic extremism and the deception of Islamic fundamentalism.  He is also the founder and leader of the political party, the Rise Up Australia Party.  Some of the things he says are possibly unwise.  He may even have some doctrine that I disagree with, but he is not an extremist.  He is certainly not tolerant of the behaviour of fundamental Islam, but should any of us be?

Fred Nile

Fred Nile

It is clear that Mr Andrews is not that hero.  Neither is Robert Clarke , Eric Ebetz , Corey Bernardi or Bernie Finn.  All had agreed to be there contributing and all have declined because the Liberal Party is scared of bullies.  One lone politician will attend and participate.  Fred Nile will be that hero.  Once again though, I’ve learnt that if we are going to see our culture change,  if we are going to usher in the Kingdom, it’s not going to be through political means.

The World Family Congress will go on today.  The delegates will be informed, empowered and blessed.  They will learn and be encouraged.  They will tackle topics from abortion and euthanasia through to the current situation in Ukraine.  Sound like pure evil to you?  If you believe the reports of broadcasters such as the ABC or tabloid blogs such as Mumamia,  then such topics are only discussed by extremists who have no right to be a part of modern society.

Take one topic that will be discussed, the link between breast cancer and having abortions.  There is clear evidence that there is a link.  Listen to this interview from Vision Radio to hear more about that.  You’re free to disagree with the findings.  The question is though, should you also be free to stop me from ever hearing about the findings so that I can make up my own mind?  The enemies of Australia say no.

So, my friends, we need to enter our own holy war.  If something is holy, it is set apart by God.  It is sacred.  As Christians, we are in a counter-cultural war and we need heroes; people who are set apart by God, gifted by Him, and courageous enough to use their gifts to further His Kingdom.  With the Word, prayer, the encouragement and fellowship of the saints and a strong compassion for the lost, we must not grow weary or faint, but we must press on.  We must do all we know to do and then stand.

It’s time to push back with the tool that Christ has placed in your hand.  For Moses, that was a staff.  For Ester, it was her position and the love that her husband had for her.  For Jesus, the ultimate push back, the victorious breakthrough, was through the cross.

Time and time again through the Bible, we see people specifically gifted and in the right position ‘for such a time as this.’  What about you?

Ian Worby

Ian Worby

I was talking to Ian Worby a few days ago about this.  Ian is the executive director of United Christian Broadcasting and the national leader of Christians for Israel (Australia).  The genocide and barbarism of the Islamic State in Iraq is weighing heavily on his heart.  He had some hesitation as to whether he could used his position as a foundation from which he could fight evil and change culture.  While he already does this on so many levels, taking on any group of violent extremists, no matter how distant, is a frightening thought.  During our discussion, he took a deep breath and then recounted the words of a Matthew West song:  “If not me, then who?  If not now, then when?  If not here, then where?”  Ian understands what it is to be brave.  He said to me, “being courageous doesn’t mean you’re not scared.”   Through the mass media broadcasting that is under his influence, I believe that he will look at what God has put in his hand and be a hero.  He already is.

A few days ago, another hero, Bill Muehlenberg said:

When our very culture is threatened, then things change. Then we no longer just go with the flow; then we no longer live ordinary lives, but we then start living extraordinary lives. These times demand that we make changes, make adjustments, and start living in a much more radical fashion.

Bill Muehlenberg

Bill Muehlenberg

That has been true of every time of war, and it is true now. You see, we are now in a spiritual war, a cultural war, and a civilisational war. Things are no longer the same, so we can no longer be the same. We must change, we must become fully involved, and we must leave behind the old way of living.

We no longer can just get by with ordinary citizens in such times. We desperately need a different class of people in such situations: we need heroes. We need men and women who will rise to the occasion, and perform valiantly in the name of their God.

Men like Ian and Bill inspire me to be a hero, to fight the fight, to run the race.  Being heroic doesn’t come naturally to me.  It may not come instinctively to you either.  But let’s be united, as parts of a jigsaw puzzle, and fight a holy war – together.

Ever changing; Thy Kingdom come.





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