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What CAN you do?

photo_of_paul_08Born in 1921, Paul Smith was born with cerebral palsy.  Speech, and even movement, were extremely limited for him.  Although he never got to go to school, Paul taught himself to play chess, and even more remarkably, to create beautiful art pieces.  Over the seventy years until his passing in 2007, this strong Christian gentleman created hundreds of inspirational artworks.


The remarkable thing about his artwork is that he did it all on the typewriter.  He didn’t have the control to hold a brush or a piece of charcoal, but using a finger on one hand and using the weight of his other arm to push it down, one character at a time, he drew masterpieces.  The only characters he could easily use without pushing down a number of keys at once, were the top row, so most of his art was made solely using @     #     $     %     ^     &     *     (     )     _



















latestbalita-paul-smith-typwriter paul-smith-typewriter-artist 8afe9cdc9cb38c83cb2fa99ac615e32f 41bba7588469599557f70771e9806c89 paul-smith-art paul-smith-typewriter-artist (2)

Paul’s attitude was that what he couldn’t do, he wouldn’t worry about, but that what he could do, he would do the best he could.

When people told Paul Smith, “I could never do that,”  he would respond with, “What CAN you do?”


God said a similar thing to Moses.  When Moses was making excuses in Exodus 4, God said to him, “What is that in your hand?”  He then proceeded to show Moses how to begin to change the world using his staff – that which he has in his hand.

What is that in your hand?  What can you do?

While you think about that, check out this 4 minute article showcasing this great man.

Always changing; Thy Kingdom come


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