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Why You’re Not Creative.

August 20, 2014 | Worship | 1 comment

Do you know why you’re not creative?

It would seem that a large proportion of Australians don’t see themselves as creative.

There are a few roadblocks to creativity which seem to have convinced large numbers that they are not creative.

One of these roadblocks is fear.  People feel that unless their painting is photo-realistic, they are not creative, or unless every second line of their poem rhymes, they are a failure at creative writing.  Art, though, is so much more than just what you see, or what you hear, or what  you say.   It’s about how it makes you feel, how it moves you, about the thought processes that it initiates.   Don’t be alarmed by the pressure to have your work of art look or smell or taste exactly the same as all the others.  You have within you a unique creativity and if you step out despite your fear, you will find that the process of creating is not just therapeutic for you, but also has the potential to touch and change others.

‘There is no creativity without vulnerability’
– Brene Brown 
A beautiful friend of mine from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Froyle Neideck, is a contemporary visual artist and the creative arts pastor at Pour It Out church in Maroochydore.  I am hoping to attend one of her Developing Creativity Workshops which are designed to overcome fear and unlock creative potential. She uses the painting style of abstract expressionism and mixed media exploration to take participants through a journey of creation.  Froyle says, “It’s not about what you see, but rather what you feel and it is painting from the heart.”  She designs her workshops so that beginners can feel completely comfortable.  In fact, she says, “There is no drawing required and you can’t get it wrong!”  Froyle aims for the workshops to be about breaking through self imposed limitations, overcoming fear & trying something new.

froyleOne of the things that I find really exciting is how the Pour It Out church has embraced the creative arts.  More of this in a post later, but for now, check out this short video that Froyle took on her phone.  It shows how, during times of worship, she paints, many play instruments, some dance, everybody sings…  It’s an arts worship-fest every time they meet!  Click on the photo to see the video.

So why are you not creative?  More than likely, it’s because you’re not being creative.  Be vulnerable and step out.

Ever changing; Thy Kingdom come.


PS   If you would like to join one of Froyle’s workshops, email her:

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